October. Ghosts Haunt The Park

Live mix of nine recent new releases and two of my all-time favourite tracks.

Black Rain – Krzysztof Kotlinski (Black Rain, Elan Vital)
Reflected Presence – Gray Acres (Material Forces, Whitelabrecs)
Nobody Seems to Be Watching – Fossil Hunting Collective (The Fear of Landing on Water, Aural Tethers)
Adnasjur – Hammock (Place Language V/A, Facture)
Windy Day – Ten Atmospheres (Lulu Land, Shimmering Moods Records)
Stalker – Teamforest (The Clyde Parker Project V/A, eilean rec.)
The End of History, Feedback Loop – Niskogradba
1 – Hotel Neon (Relic, Tour tape)
Flooding Tide – Abul Mogard (Kimberlin, Ecstatic)
The Village Eaves – Carinthia (Leaving the Night Behind Us, Uplands)
A Moment of Silence – Sven Laux & Daniela Orvin (The Writings, Dronarivm)

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