nielu – olli aarni

In response to Nielu by Olli Aarni, released October last year on Florabelle.

“And why do you think that is?”

“Mull it over for a while. Until next week.”

But where to start?

On this park bench, late afternoon, early spring.

I guess. It’s as good a place as any.

Weak sunshine through the branches.

Shoppers hurry by as they head home, bulging bags and coffee to go.

It’s just a nagging thought really.

More a vague notion. If anything.

Round and round, round and round.

Dog-walkers, joggers, lovers. Oh great.

Round and round.

Sun’s gone now. Gathering gloom.


It’s getting late.

There’s been no-one for a while.


It’s getting cold.

There’s no-one now.

And that’s it.



For a proper review of this excellent album, please read James Catchpole’s words at Fluid Radio here.

I would definitely recommend a vinyl copy of the album. There are very few remaining on Florabelle’s Bandcamp page.  I got mine from Stashed Goods but they have long since sold out.

nielu copy

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