Music for the Dead Days

They are the Dead Days, these days between Christmas and New Year, and the weather is obligingly appropriate. It’s cold. It’s damp. It’s foggy. All may be calm but it’s certainly not bright. Even here, in west London, it’s surprisingly quiet, still. The parks are empty; you can walk and see no-one, alone in the mist, surrounded by muffled silence and looming skeletal trees.

And yet, and yet. There is something special about this quiet period of post-festive blues; of waiting; of reflection. Ignore The Sales, reflect on the year passed and the year to come, enjoy being quiet. Read a book, a quiet book. Listen to music, quiet music. Let go, listen and you will hear the magic flowing beneath the quiet, beyond the fog, through the Dead Days.

Here is a mix from very nearly a decade ago dedicated to the Dead Days.

  1. Sisteris – Elegi
  2. Oort – Murcof
  3. In Mcdonalds – Burial
  4. Grasp Of Math – Konntinent
  5. In The Background Secret Armies – Herzog
  6. Sommerdellen – minima
  7. Dog Shelter – Burial
  8. An End To None But To All That Is Still – Muhr
  9. Sometimes – Wes Willenbring
  10. The Ice Storm – KLIMEK
  11. That Finger On Your Temple Is The Barrel Of My Raygun – Stars of the Lid
  12. Ascent – Arve Henriksen
  13. Marefjellet – Nest

Read Marcus Sedgewick’s “The Book of Dead Days.” It’s awesome. Here’s my copy along with the last mince pie.





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