‘Branded by Constellations’

Two tracks of instrumental gorgeousness by chaps from the always interesting psyche folk outfit United Bible Studies.
David Colohan’s ‘As The Stars Change Places With The Falling Snow’ was composed & recorded in Ballymahon, Ireland – Richard Moult’s ‘A Moorland Shrine/The God Of Disappearances’ on The Isle of Skye and the Isle of Harris. And you can really feel the sense of place in both works; the haunting beauty, the sense of space, the whisps of fog and an element of indefinable loneliness.

Both tracks are excellent and the level of detail in both is enthralling but for me, the first track, the low-key ‘As The Stars…..’ somehow hints more of sea shanty, and chimes more with the packaging, which as you would expect from Fluid, is absolutely incredible. It’s these combinations which make Fluid’s releases magical and events to be savoured.
Don’t get me wrong, track two is also fab and distinctly different to the first. The piano and plaintive voice which dominates the first half of ‘A Moorland….’ gives way to a quietly throbbing atmospheric drone which is surprisingly menacing and unsettling As this too falls quiet, you are left with a few minutes of gentle, almost domestic sounds to bring you round before you realise that, yes, you need to listen to it all again.

“And so, a memory now branded by constellations, upon soil and sea.”

Physical copies Sold Out at source but digital version available via Bandcamp.
Branded by Constellations on bandcamp
Strongly recommended

4 panel letter-pressed covers, glass mastered CD,
7 x single sided prints,
Vintage ordnance survey maps (1920s-1950s),
The Scientific Angler reading insert (1883 edition),
Fisherman’s Knots & Wrinkles insert (1944 edition),
The Misty Isle of Skye insert (1927 edition),
Pressed lavender,
Printed poem,
Glassine bags,
All housed/hand numbered/tagged/typed in oversized letter-pressed envelopes


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